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diffusion le jeudi 16 janvier 2020 à 2h45 sur M6

ndash; Tic-tac (Musique douce et vocalises) Acclamations de la foule Alarmes Acclamations (Musique douce) Je fais tout un peu Rien n'est comme je veux Me dissous un peu Me divise en deux M'effondre Vole en éclats Mes sens et puis mon choix Pas d'existence Mais vivre ma transparence (Musique PoP) Jusque-là tout va bien (Musique douce au loin) (Musique R&B)
– I know you want me Every day, not only When you're lonely, yeah You see, you thinkyou know me But you don't even know Nothing about me, yeah You see my thick thighs Lost when you look into my Brown eyes See, my little waist can make you Switch sides You never know the devil In the disguise So why don't you Stand up baby, and TeIl me, teIl me TeIl me do you want me on top So let me show you Show you, show you I don't need to back it up Don't wanna hold ya Mold ya, scold ya Split you in half with my heart Ijust wanna love on you Trust in you, honour you Please do the same on your part (Be honest) (You want it) But I can be heartless Regardless of my conscience You want this (La musique ralentit.) Moteurs Take time, you no say l'm wrong whenever I see bad vibes Before you come my way Make sure you think twice Look into my eyes But I can never see us I can point a gun, but you know I could never lie Come through I can show you somethin' You can run to When I finish You'Il be feelin' brand new WiIl never be somebody You can run through And I can put that on my life One time, no cap Big vibes, slow down Catch feels, get high If you make your bed Then you can lie Just please don't waste my time (-Oluwa Burna ti de) People, they talk, them a gistin 'Bout the way your body twistin' Make me lose control inna dis ting And it's aIl because l'm thinking of us Don't go throw me under di bus Under a spell, l'm under your love Don't know why nobody warn me Listen my baby no dey do me bad Put your heart inside my goody bag If I do you bad I beg you baby, no do me bad Give me one time, one try Be mine, this time Take time, same time Make we no dey waste time Girl I never lie You already know l'Il (La musique s'arrête.