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ndash; Du 17 au 21 janvier, profitez du crédit à 0 % sur toute la gamme Volkswagen. Say my name, say my name If no one is around you Say: "Baby, I love you" If you ain't running game You're acting kind of shady Ain't calling me baby Why a sudden change? Better say my name Any other day, I would caIl You would say: "Baby, how's your day?" But today, it ain't the same Every other word is: "Uh uh, yeah okay" Could it be that you are at the crib with another lady? If you took it there, first of all, let me say I am not the one to sit around and be played So prove yourself to me l'm the girl that you claimed, why don't you say the things That you said to me yesterday? I know you say that l'm assuming things Something's going down, that's the way it seems Shouldn't be the reason why you're acting strange If nobody's holding you back from me Cause I know how you usually do When you say everything to me times two Why can't you just teIl the truth? If somebody's there, then teIl me who What's up with this? TeIl the truth, who you with How would you like it if I came over with my clique? Don't try to change it now Saying you got to bounce When two seconds ago You said you just got in the house It's hard to believe that you Are at home by yourself When Ijust heard the voice Heard the voice of someone else Just this question: "Do you feel you got to lie?" Getting caught up in your game When you cannot say my name Say my name, say my name If no one is around you Say: "Baby, I love you" If you ain't running game You're acting kind of shady Ain't calling me baby Why the sudden change? You better say my name Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh 53V my name! (Musique gitane) C'est une façon de voir la vie Un peu plus grand qu'un pays Un destin, un regard C'est de la musique et des cris Un pour tous et tous réunis Un chemin, une histoire Mi fuerza, mi amor Color Gitano Ma maison, ma couleur Gitano El color de mi cielo Le coeur qui bat sous ma peau C'est des guitares Des nuits sans fin Les mots chaleureux des anciens Le respect et les liens C'est ton regard croisant le mien Nous deux au milieu du chemin Et soudain, tu deviens Mi vida, mis amor Ma passion, mon bonheur Il fait des vocalises Dans nos sangs, dans nos flammes Nos couleurs gitanes Dans mon coeur, dans mon âme S'enflamment (Musique romantique) Doo, doo, doo, doo Oh, oh, oooh As around the sun the earth knows She's revolving And the rosebuds know to bloom In early May Just as hate knows love's a cure You can rest your mind assured That l'Il be lovin' you always As now can't reveal The mystery of tomorrow But in passing WiIl grow older every day Just as aIl is born is new You know what I say is true
– Until the rainbow burns the stars Out of the sky
– Always
– Until the ocean Covers every mountain high
– I said it's gonna be always
– Until the day that eight times Eight times eight is four
– It's gonna be always
– Until the day that it's the day That l'm no more
– Did you know that true love Asks for nothing?