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20th édition des NRJ Music Awards : stars, secrets et coulisses

diffusion le dimanche 11 novembre 2018 à 0h35 sur TF1

– Où sont-ils à présent.. A présent..
– Nos 20 ans? Acclamation. Nikos Aliagas: hommage au grand Charles. Avec délicatesse et justesse. Mademoiselle Louane, Patrick Bruel et Vianney.
– Merci, Nikos. Nikos Aliagas: Ils avaient ouvert la cérémonie. Ils nous avaient promis de revenir. Ils vont mettre l'ambiance avec leur dernier tube. Les Black Eyed Peas!
– A day in the life.. Of a kid in America.. Everyone's a critic.. Watch em criticize your character.. Everybody watchin ya.. People love to stare at cha.. Everybody's greedy ain't nobody trying to share witcha.. Our leaders are embarrassing.. I think they need some parenting.. TeIl my why they playin.. With the fire and the kerosene.. Kids on the Percocet.. Tripping on the medicine.. CaIl it like I see it.. We some drugged up Americans.. Everybody's following.. Ain't nobody leading.. People loving guns more the kids.. Is the season.. And they say the reason.. Is to protect their freedom.. But we don't believe em, cause'.. AIl that we're made of is.. Big Big Love.. AIl that we have..
– When I was a young boy.. Used to hear the people say.. But we them people now-a-days.. We ain't never given' up.. Now we got our hands up.. We can't breath cause their hearts ain't big enough.. AIl we need is just us.. Hate got you guessing.. War is the answer but really what's the question.. Money got us stressing.. Fear got us flexing.. Phones got us zoned out.. Now we loose connection.. Please standby.. It takes you and I.. To keep the hope alive.. Cause we're living in a time.. When you're fighting to survive.. And aIl we need is love..
– AIl that we are..
– Life is a blessing.. Knowledge is a weapon.. You should choose love instead of being reckless.. Candle in the darkness, Help change the heartless.. Use love to guide you l'Il be there regardless.. Situation global.. We're like in a rowboat.. Swimming up the river, so I can deüven. Message to the masses.. No matter your status.. Nothing's ever.. Over we believe in second chances" Many people dying.. Governments are lying.. Stand for our rights.